Gallery Terms and Conditions

You may use the Right2Bike Gallery to 1.) upload your own photos and 2.) download the photos of others.

1. Contributing

By submitting your images on or tagging @right2bike/#right2bike on social media, you are donating your images free of copyright. This means that you agree to give up your rights to the images and others can download and use your images anywhere and for any purpose. Your pictures must be owned by you.

If you would like to receive credit for your images, please provide your social media handles when filling out our contributions form.

2. Use/Credit

Anyone is welcome to use the photos in the Right2Bike Gallery. You must give credit to both Right2Bike and the image contributor if their information has been provided in the Gallery Spreadsheet.

Credit can be given in whatever way you deem appropriate. This includes but is not limited to the following methods:

  • Tagging @right2bike and/or the contributor on social media.
  • Editing images to add credits (such as the Right2Bike logo or contributor’s social media handle).
  • Including a caption under the photo on your blog or website with our/the contributor’s name or link to the gallery (e.g. Photo by @contributor via Right2Bike or @contributor/Right2Bike Gallery)

Anyone is granted the right to use images housed in the Right2Bike Gallery under the following conditions:

  • You may not pass off as your own, redistribute, or resell the images themselves– although you may redistribute or resell images (altered or unaltered) as part of printed work. For example, you may reuse in reports, presentations, websites/blogs, books, etc.
  • You may not use images to recreate your own photo gallery.
  • You may not systematically download or copy any significant portion of the Gallery without explicit and advance permission from Right2Bike.
  • You must acknowledge the contributor and Right2Bike with the proper credit.
  • You may not use the Right2Bike Gallery or any of its content for any illegal or unlawful use or any use prohibited by our terms.
  • You should make an effort to contribute your own images to the Gallery under the same terms, if possible.